On the occasion of Shushan Purim, on Monday, March 13, 2017, a school holiday, the children went to see a movie. Father Rafic reports:

saint rachel outing

Those working at the Saint Rachel Center planned a trip to the Botanical Garden in Jerusalem for the children aged 4 to 11. This Garden is an educational and research center, where there are plants from all over the world and in addition there are entertaining activities run there for children, in the open air. In the morning, we arrived, all ready, 29 children and five adult counselors but the rainy weather forced us to change plans at the last minute. Instead of the Botanical Garden, we directed our steps to a cinema in order to watch the movie “A cat in the team”. We had fun nonetheless even if in a different way and on the way to the cinema and back we enjoyed an additional treat: seeing the variety of costumes that people were wearing while celebrating Purim.