The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics published its report on the population in the State of Israel on the eve of the new civil year of 2017.

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According to the estimates of the CBS:

On December 31, 2016, the population in Israel stood at 8,630 thousand residents.

6,450 thousand are Jews (74.8% of the population), 1,796 thousand are Arabs (20.8%) and 384 thousand are other (4.4%).

During the course of 2016, the population in Israel grew by 2%, 83% of the growth was due to natural increase and 17% was due to the international migration balance.

During 2016, 181 thousand babies were born (74.1% Jews, 23% Arabs and 2.9% others).

About 24 thousand new immigrants arrived in Israel during 2016.

The population of foreigners living in Israel was estimated at about 183 thousand at the end of 2015. These estimates do not include people who entered the country without visas and those who did not enter through recognized border crossings.