The Open University held a study day on June 9, 2016 on the relations between Jews and Christians. We publish here the lectures and the discussion.

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The participants in the study day were:

- Dr. Michael Fagenblatt, from the Department of History, Philosophy and Jewish Studies in the Open University, who introduced the day. View here

- Dr. Jonathan Moss, Martin Buber Fellow, Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Parting of the Ways: What is the relationship between Judaism and Christianity? View here

- Rev. Dr. David Neuhaus, Latin Patriarchal Vicar: From a teaching of contempt to a teaching of respect. View here

- Carma Ben Yohanan, PhD candidate in the Zvi Yaabetz School of History, Tel Aviv University: Uneasy dialogue: Unresolved tensions in the relations between Jews and Christians. View here

- Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish, founder of the Inter religious Coordinating Council in Israel, responded to the lectures. See here

- There were also questions and answers. See here