Father Piotr sent us a report of the latest meeting of the Desert Flower Hebrew speaking Catholic youth that took place during the Feast of Tabernacles break (October 20 to 22, 2016) in Jaffa.

perha hamidbar oct2016

The youth had their first meeting of the new pastoral year. The members of the Desert Flower met at Saint Peter’s Church in Jaffa. The usual activities such as common prayer, social mixing and free time were accompanied by some special events. On Thursday, everyone gathered to celebrate the wedding of Max and Viola, who had been members of the youth group years ago. On Friday, Father Gregor Pawlowski told the story of his survival during the Shoah and answered the questions of the young people. There was also time for a visit to the Tel Aviv beach and a boat trip from Jaffa’s harbour was a nice break. The meetings will continue now each month. At the end the meeting, the youth joined all the other members of the kehillot who made their way to Deir Rafat for the day of the kehillot.