On Saturday, April 30, 2016, about forty members of the various Hebrew speaking Catholic kehillot in Israel gathered in Jaffa for a study day on Nostra Aetate.

study day nostra 2016

The day lasted from 11.00 to 16.00 and included times of presentation, times of discussion in small groups and times to rest and to get to know one another. Almost all the kehillot were represented and almost all the priests of the vicariate participated in this important initiative that presented the history, content and challenges of Nostra Aetate n. 4, the Second Vatican Council’s presentation of the relationship between the Church and the Jews.

Four lecturers presented various aspects of the theme:
- Dr. Emmanuele Main, a researcher and lecturer in Jewish history and veteran member of the Jerusalem kehilla, presented the historical context in which the Council raised the question of the relationship with the Jews.
- Father Michel Remaud, director of the Christian Institute for Jewish Studies and Hebrew Literature in Jerusalem and member of the Jerusalem kehilla, presented the content of Nostra Aetate and its significance in the teaching of the Church.
- Hanna Bendcowsky, program director at the Jerusalem Center for Jewish Christian Relations and longtime friend of the kehillot, presented a survey of Jewish reactions to Nostra Aetate, particularly in Israel.
- Father David Neuhaus SJ, Latin Patriarchal Vicar and responsible for the kehillot, presented some of the documents that have followed Nostra aetate and focused on four challenges that must be tackled in the future of the relations between Jews and Catholics.

The day was a very rich time of study, reflection and sharing on a theme that is at the heart of the vocation of the Hebrew speaking Catholic kehillot in Israel.