On Friday, February 5, 2016, and Saturday, February 6, 2016, the musicians of the kehillot met together on Mount Tabor.

musicians tabor

Eleven members of our kehillot, who occupy themselves with the musical ministry in the kehillot, gathered from Friday, February 5 until noon on Saturday, February 6, for a liturgical music workshop on Mount Tabor.

We were representatives of all the Hebrew speaking kehillot and we met in order to hold the first gathering in 2016 of the “Kinor Naim” project, which is already two and a half years old.

This time we chose Mount Tabor is our home base and the place had a very positive influence on our work. We spent many hours swapping songs among the kehillot and learning songs both old and new. There was a special emphasis placed on songs for Lent, the period that is beginning shortly. The atmosphere was very positive as was the participation. Each one brought something they wanted others to hear and a query with regard to some particular song.

On Friday night, we gathered in the large church on Mount Tabor around the Word of God for a time of lectio divina and after that night prayer.

We are very grateful to God for this profound ecclesial experience and are grateful also to the organizers who invested in the program. A great thanks to all the participants and those who accompanied them.