On Sunday, May 17, 2015, Father Rafic and seminarian Benny participated in a special prayer for peace with the Zion community to mark Jerusalem Day.

jerusalem day2015A prayer service was held in the old Jerusalem train station which brought together people of different religions in order to mark Jerusalem Day in a spiritual way with the intention to encourage mutual respect and bringing all the residents of Jerusalem together. The prayer was held under the banner “Believers – prayers and songs for the peace of Jerusalem in three languages and an infinity of intentions”. In the ceremony, built as a performance, there were pieces of music and personal testimonies and Jews, Muslims and Christians participated together.

As Hebrew speaking Catholics we were invited this year to join our voices to the congregation of those praying and therefore we too ascended the stage. Father Rafic (responsible for the Jerusalem kehilla) and Benny (seminarian in the Saint James Vicariate) represented our reality, our work and our desires.

Father Rafic prayed: “We prayer for all the residents of Jerusalem, Jews, Muslims and Christians. Bless all those who fight each day, with good will, to bring hearts together and to build bridges between different peoples and different communities. We bring before You the weak, those on the peripheries of society, the variety of minorities, especially the Christian families who, despite enormous challenges, choose to stay in their homeland”.