Suzanne Millet passed away on Saturday, March 28, 2015. May her memory be a source of blessing.

suzanne milletSuzanne Millet was born in 1937 in Lyons, France, into a Catholic family with four children. At the asge of 17, she sensed a call to be a religious missionary. At the end of high school, she entered the congregation of Our Lady of the Apostles and, as a religious, she was asked to study philosophy. She travelled to Togo in 1963 as a teacher of philosophy in the schools there. There she met Antionette, a Swiss Protestant missionary, and they began to pray together.

Returning to Europe in 1971, Suzanne and Antoinette joined the charismatic renewal and began a life of community and prayer in the countryside, in particular in Grospierres, while working the land (cultivating vines, cherries and pumpkins).

Suzanne and Antoinette arrived in Israel in November 1986 as part of an ecumenical fraternity called “the Promise”. They sought to live in a dynamic of repentance and hope. They moved into the Nahlaoit neighbourhood in Jerusalem, a quarter of mostly Oriental Jews, seeking to live a life based on repentance towards the Jews and to hasten the coming of the Messiah. They lived their lives of faith both within the Kehilla and with Messianic Jews.

After a full life, rich in events and encoiunters, the last years of Suzanne’s life were marked by illness. Suzanne passed away on March 28. 2015. May her memory be a source of blessing.

suzanne antoinette