On Sunday, April 5, 2015, about 250 of the faithful gathered in Kiryat Yearim for the traditional Hebrew mass and picnic.

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Father David and all the priests of the various Hebrew and Russian language kehillot celebrated the mass in the Basilica of Our Lady Ark of the Covenant at Kiryat Yearim. The joyful celebration was animated by the musicians from the various kehillot, animated by Benny, our seminarian. The large group of children followed attentively, sitting in front of the altar. Father David focused his homily on the visit to the tomb by a grief stricken Mary Magdalene and the discovery that the tomb was empty. Before ending the mass, those present remembered those who had died during the past year, especially Little Brother Yaacov and Suzanne, who died during Holy Week.

After mass the faithful broke out their picnics and the great variety of foods reflected the diversity of the group: Russian, Hungarian, Rumanian, Filipino, Indian, African, Latin American and Palestinian delicacies were shared by all…

After lunch and a time to rest, the crowd was divided into groups to have fun, animated by the young people.

Finally, the day ended with a final prayer, led by Father Giacomo from the Koinoniua John the Baptist community. Everyone went home looking forward to the next time we can get together.