This year, the community of the Saint James Vicariate for Hebrew Speaking Catholics is made up of ten people who live together and pray together.

vicariate community

The community is made up of five Israeli citizens and five expatriates: Father David, an Israeli Jesuit who serves as the Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Hebrew speaking Catholics and migrants in Israel, Father Nicola, an Italian diocesan priest from Verona who is completing his doctorate at the Ecole biblique, Benedetto, an Italian who is a seminarian for the Vicariate in first year theology, Hidri, an Eritrean who is a seminarian in second year theology, Claudia, a consecrated Italian who serves as director of the day-care and children’s afterschool program as well as coordinator of the prison ministry, Nicole, a consecrated French woman who works in the day care, Daniele, an Israeli who works in the day care and in the children’s afterschool program, Samia, an Arab from Nazareth who is studying in the Music Academy, Julien, an Arab from Nazareth who is studying biology and Gad, an Israeli who works in high-tech.

The language of the community is Hebrew and its vocation is to be a presence of prayer and support in the Vicariate. The community gathers each morning (Monday to Friday) for morning prayer and each evening for mass and evening prayer.